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Frequently Asked Questions

The Kit includes all the wooden pieces, cut to size, for easy assembly. Tilt-and-turn windows (with real glass, not synthetic like "Plexiglas") and the doors are part of the KIT. For the ceiling and the floor they come tongue and groove solid wood boards. Hardware (screws, nails, locks, cranks etc.), storm rails, instructions and assembly drawings are also included in the KIT.

The wood included in each Kit comes in a natural state, with the exception of the starter strips (the home base) which are treated in a green autoclave. The wood of the KIT comes with an optimum degree of humidity (16-18% ) and needs post-assembly treatment on the outside of the house.

In the market there are different types of products for the treatment of wooden houses. Optionally, we can offer the treatment material for each house. Within the wide range of products on the market, we have opted for some products of great quality and guarantee.

The treatment we offer consists of two layers with two different products for the exterior walls of the house: a first layer of "impregnation" that penetrates the wood and that, in addition to bringing the chosen tonality, guarantees protection against lightning, UV, insects and microorganisms. The second "finish" coat is a water-based varnish indicated for use as a high-quality finish on exterior wood varnishing.

Finally, we also offer the necessary varnish for two coats on the interior floor of the house. It is a high-quality water-based varnish suitable for use in varnishing interior wooden floors.

All our products are made from Nordic spruce, grown in the freezing climate of northern Europe, sourced from responsibly managed and sustainable forestry located in Sweden, Finland, Russia and the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) . This type of tree has a very slow growth, thus achieving a wood of great hardness and durability, as well as a great insulating capacity both thermally and acoustically.

Wood stands out, among other things, for its great insulating capacity, thus achieving a better response to cold or heat than in any conventional construction. Our products are manufactured with different wall thicknesses, 28mm, 40mm and 70mm. The greater the wall thickness, the greater the thermal and acoustic insulation capacity.

As in any conventional construction, in a wooden house both heating and cooling can be installed and used, depending on the times of the year, with the advantage that in wooden houses the energy consumption is much lower due to the high insulating capacity of wood.

The factory has a large stock of garden sheds. The delivery time for these products is usually 1 to 3 days, depending on the destination. Models that are not available in stock must be ordered from the Estonian factory. In this case, the delivery time is approximately 4-6 weeks.